2023 Zambia Education Curriculum Framework

New 2023 Zambia Education Curriculum Framework Is Here

2023 Zambia Education Curriculum Framework (ZECF)

The 2023 Zambia Education Curriculum Framework (ZECF) has been developed not only to provide guidance on the preferred type of education for our nation, but also to provide clear curriculum guidelines, as well as the structures at all levels, from Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Tertiary Education and Youth and Adult Literacy Education. In addition, the Zambia Education Curriculum Framework forms the basis for the development of syllabi, teaching and learning materials and procurement of subsequent educational materials.

2023 Zambia Education Curriculum Framework - Mr Joel Kamoko
Mr Joel Kamoko Permanent Secretary – Educational Services MINISTRY OF EDUCATION – Zambia

The Curriculum Framework has also emphasised the use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning, management and research through the provision of innovative, technology-based education programmes and services as well as the promotion of STEM Education.

The Curriculum has also integrated cross-cutting and emerging issues such as Climate change; Education for Sustainable Development; Digital Literacy; Collaborative and inclusive Learning; Entrepreneurship; Anti-Corruption; Global Citizenship Education; Human Rights and Cultural Diversity; Renewable and Clean Energy; in order to respond to societal needs.

Above all, the 2023 Education Curriculum has adjusted the structure of the education system from 4-7-2-3 to 3-6-4-2. ECE has been reduced from 4 to 3 years , while primary education level has also been reduced from 7 to 6 years, with eligible age entry also being reduced from 7 to 6 years. The secondary education level has been restructured and increased from 5 to 6 years to accommodate 2 years of A- levels. Thus, learners will be provided with 4 years of ordinary secondary education and 2 years of advanced Secondary (“A” level). Notably, Forms have replaced Grades at Secondary school level.

Consequently, automatic progression from primary to secondary school has been abolished together with the Junior Secondary School Leaving Examination. Forthwith, candidates will write their School Certificate examination at the end of Form 4. It is expected that this Competence Based Curriculum will equip learners at all levels of education with vital knowledge, skills, and values that are necessary for the actualization of our Vision 2030.

As we roll out the 2023 Zambia Education Curriculum, may I hasten to state that government, working in collaboration with cooperating partners, will provide adequate resources for the effective implementation of the curriculum.

The new curriculum shows clear linkages at all levels of education, from ECE to tertiary education and Youth and adult literacy education. The necessary career paths for learners have been provided. This will accord learners an opportunity to progress according to their abilities and interests.

Joel Kamoko (Mr) Permanent Secretary – Educational Services MINISTRY OF EDUCATION