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About Education Companion
Education Companion – Education, Motivation and Creativity Site

Our Motto: Centre for Excellent Education, Motivation and Creativity

Education companion (EDUCOM) is a Center for Perfect Education, Motivation and Creativity. Like our motto sums up, we are the leading online platform in Education, offering both free and paid, but afford courses, for different purposes.

The online Education has been proven to be more interactive and holistic,first because the courses are designed with interest of the learner in mind,second because the level of interaction is very high in this mode of learning and third, because they are stress-free, since the learners chose their free time to start the course, and with all the resources required to fully understand the courses readily available.

So, you may Join our tuitions corner if you are a student who would like to prepare for National exams.

In case you just need a catch up for the topic you learnt at school, you are also welcome here, and you may choose to study on your own, or request the tutor’s support.

This site also accommodates Education Professionals who would like to make an extra income out of their knowledge. In this case all you have to do is register as an Instructor, and you will be able to upload your courses and meet your students through this platform and earn for your services


Here are Education Companion Management team members:

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Our main partner in Educational matters is Centre for Elites and we accommodate members from different parts of the world, with different cultures as well as life styles. For this there is is no worry about the curriculum you follow, we adapt our courses to any type of diversity.